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Accident...or Murder?

Everyone loves a good mystery, and now I am pleased to present to you my latest work, Murder Comes Unraveled. Come join Martha Williamson and her beloved dogs as they attempt to answer the age-old question..."Whodunit?"!

Murder Comes Unraveled

It's a beautiful afternoon in May and setup for The Black Hills Fiber Gathering is in full swing. Martha Williamson, owner of The Spider's Web—a shop specializing in spinning and weaving—is looking forward to four glorious days of selling and talking fiber and fiber tools as she organizes her booth and gets her alpaca settled in their stall. Then Falcor, her Great Pyrenees, finds a body, and she is pulled into the agony of what seems to be a terrible accident. Or is it? As one person after another seems to have a reason for wanting the victim dead, Martha is more and more certain there was no accident. But (if it was indeed a murder) who did it, and why? When there is another attack and Martha is threatened, it becomes obvious that she needs to find the answers. With her steadfast Great Pyrenees, Denali and Falcor, by her side, Martha begins to unravel the mystery, but will she be fast enough to forestall a killer's hand?

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