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A Town Rocked by Murder

Step into the world of Black Hills, Washington, where murder lurks behind the town's peaceful façade, and Martha Williamson must step up to the task of finding the killer. 

Murder Spins a Tale Book Cover

Murder Spins a Tale

Denied justice weaves a web of revenge and death in Murder Spins a Tale. A beautiful winter morning gives no hint of the danger that will engulf Martha Williamson, owner of The Spider's Web (a shop specializing in spinning and weaving). Living with her two Great Pyrenees dogs, Falcor and Denali, on a small farm near Black Hills, Washington, Martha has come to cherish the quiet life she created after the violent death of her husband in a car accident. However, the news spreads fast when Martha discovers a burglary of the town's beauty salon—and her friends fear another robbery. Gossip becomes reality, burglary becomes murder, and Martha's business card is found at the scene. When Falcor discovers the murder weapon and Martha is threatened, she is driven to find the killer. Taking the reader into her world of fiber arts, Martha, with Denali and Falcor at her side, spins her way through a tangle of clues, deception and danger.
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