Veryl Ann Grace

Hi, I’m Veryl Ann Grace and the pretty young lady with me in the picture is Keanani.  She is a Maremma which is an Italian breed of livestock guardian dog.  We live in Hawaii with my husband, Glenn, and two other dogs, Kip and Hoku.

Although I was taught to sew, knit, crochet and tat by my grandmothers, it wasn’t until I realized that I could spin my own yarn from the hair my beloved Great Pyrenees were leaving everywhere that my passion for the fiber arts really took off.  Our first Great Pyrenees, Denali, entered our life in 1983 and except for a short period of time here in Hawaii, we have had a livestock guardian dog ever since. 

I was born in Denver, Colorado and spent most of my young life as an Air Force brat moving around the country.  After graduating from Highland High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico , I attended Colorado State University and then Graduated from Eastern Washington State College. (It was a college not a university back then.)

I worked for the State of Washington for twenty-six years and during that time spent my spare time climbing mountains, skiing, scuba diving, doing all kinds of activities with my dogs and through it all reading mysteries.  I gained my love of mysteries from my mother, Martha Ellen Eskridge.

It wasn’t until we retired and moved to Hawaii that I found the time to put all the characters that had been filling my head for so many years onto paper.  Murder Spins a Tale is the result.  I hope you enjoy reading it and following the adventures of Martha, Denali and Falcor through other stories as they appear.

You can learn more about me by checking out my blogs: Flock N Fiber Mysteries and Fiber In Paradise.  Or you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter; both of these accounts are under my name.  You can contact me at